WEBROOT Monthly Plan

₦ 1,200.00

WEBROOT Quarterly Plan

₦ 3,450.00

WEBROOT Annual Plan

₦ 13,200.00
Layered user and device defenses
Malware detection, prevention, and protection
Multi-shield protection
User Identity and Privacy
White- and blacklisting
Intelligent firewall
Infrared dynamic risk prevention
Powerful heuristics
Full offline protection
Multi OS, virtualization, terminal server, and Citrix support
Multi-language support


Malware is a software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner’s informed consent. It is also known as malicious software.
First, you should use a scan program designed for malware detection to see if you’re infected. Once you know your infection level, you’ll be able to take back control of your computer. Second, you can try to remove the malware manually, but removal is a difficult and complicated process for even the most experienced computer user. Without recognized, top-quality anti-malware software, malware removal will be incomplete at best. Third, choose a malware protection solution. A complete anti-malware software package includes anti-spyware software and anti-virus protection and should be fortified with a firewall. Look for these qualities when selecting an anti-malware software solution: Provides frequent version and definition updates to combat the latest threats. Consistently wins awards from industry-leading publications Has a dedicated, round-the-clock research team devoted to keeping track of malware evolution Is backed by an innovative company with a solid business reputation
With more awards than any other anti-spyware program (45 and counting), Spy Sweeper is recommended more than any other anti-spyware product. Here’s why: · Most technologically advanced spyware research system in the world · Detects, removes and blocks all forms of spyware, including keyloggers, Trojan horses, system monitors and more – with just one fast sweep of your PC Easy-to-use features ensure your maximum protection FREE world-class customer support 100% Guaranteed – if you’re not satisfied