Kasookoo Advance Monthly

₦ 7,900
/mo/admin (PAYG User @₦1200) 3 PAYG Users included 3000₦ airtime

Kasookoo Premium Monthly

₦ 15,000
/mo/admin (PAYG User @ ₦1000) 6PAYG Users included 3000₦ airtime
Local phone number
Kasookoo to Kasookoo calling
Call Hunting
Call Forwarding
Call Transfer on the App
Call Recording
Ability to forward calls to GSM
Ability to return calls using PC App or Mobile App
Out-of-Office settings
SMS Notifications for missed calls
Email Notification Missed calls


Yes, customers can use existing GSM as their Business number. Please note that the existing GSM number will be migrated into a virtual number environment and calls or SMS will no longer be received on that number on the SIM card
You will need to Top-Up voice minutes on your wallet from the dashboard using either debit card or pay directly into the bank account. Users are advised to choose one channel to make outbound calls either using the PC App or Mobile.
Customers can select the plan and pay using a Debit card or pay directly into the bank account.
Kasookoo comes with an IVR service available on the dashboard
Calling hunting is available. Through incoming call settings, customers can choose to dial all employees at once or follow a sequence. As soon as someone picks the call, other numbers or apps stop ringing.
Calls will be charged for calling a Kasookoo number if an IVR menu has been set up by the Kasookoo admin.